Smooth ground
Different sized Ledges/ rails
Manny pad
Maury box
Fruit Trees. Persimmon. Apple
Large mellow hip
Up down ledge rail bank
No transitions at all
Plant a bunch of different types of trees (oak, maple, persimmon.
Apple, mulberry, pear, walnut, evergreen.. Perennials) and put
something different around each one. Banks. Rails. Ledges of different
shapes, sizes, colors. More murals and blackboards
Chimborazo 3pm. Meetn skatepark lady at 4 there. Get everyone u can so
we can get it started. I'm thinking, a bunch of dif food trees planted
(apple, persimon, walnut, pear..) with ledges/ rails/ banks around
them. Shade, food, skate, chillin.. Oh and more lights. Open till 11
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