Save Money. Eat Ur Own Shit.

Don't be scared, poop tastes just like food, has all the minerals and nutrients of food, and is good for the earth (it's green). Why do u think dogs do it, duhhhh??!!! U ever licked an asshole? Of course u have! What do u think honey is bitch! Assholes/ honey are the same word. Assholes are honey dispensers. All food is just future shit and vice versa. U might as well smarten up, start making sense, and just get to the point. Eat shit now or die a bitch. Or u could cut all this out and just stop eating all together. But i know how everyone likes their ass cancers. And i cant take that away from u, because i love u.

Ok, some maybe Im having some fun u dumb cunts. ..Just Kidding, Food is grown out of shit. Food is shit. Shit is food. We are made of shit when we eat food. We are literally full of shit. Do u really think it's natural to be full of food/ shit? Do we like to pay so much to suck satans cock, get our titties cut off by butcher drug dealers, and be full of shit 24/7. How about having mushroom fungus grow from our intestines through up to our skin as blowholes. How about being nothing more than a vessel for satan to suck and fuck dry and throw away. U dirty sluts. Have some respect for ur meatsuits. Sit in one place and do absolutely nothing with nothing since everything is nothing anyhow. We r smelly compost when we do what we are told. Humans are a mold on the earth. Unless we're not of course.

This is what we came on earth to do. U will feel the ring of truth in this video and will finally know ur hearts now undeniable calling.
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