Reasons to sit here and do nothing

Reasons to sit here and do nothing

Traveling uses energy which costs money which means u have to work which means u have to suffer which means someone else has to suffer.

Going somewhere else doesn't solve anything it never has it never will.No matter where u go ur always in the same place anyhow kind of so u might as well just stay where u r.

Nobody really has anything to offer more than u can give urself.

Moving is just an excuse and really gets u nowhere ever.

Whatever u do, say, or be doesn't matter cause ur still always going to come back to this.

Don't get up and get food cause where did that food come from? It came from somewhere far away, so why do u need it. All u need is right here. Ur just feeding ur addictions by going anywhere and it doesn't help anyone especially not urself.

It's not warmer or better it's just different over there, but soon it will just be the same so just stay here.

Everything gets old. Might as well just let it get old here, ur not missing out on anything. Right here what do u see? If say u didn't leave where u were or manipulate external forces. U would see day changes weather changes ppl exchanges and ud prolly feel some of them in ur body. U would feel hunger thirst desire urges regrets contentment happiness sadness loneliness anger frustration contemplation.. So what who cares. Nobody but u. Why do u care? Nobody really owes u anything and u don't owe anyone else either.

U say u need to move somewhere else to survive. R u sure? How do u know, since uve never just sat there. Maybe this is ur time to test out ur fairytale fantasies that there is anything more than this.

Maybe going somewhere is what makes u not survive. Maybe the moving thing is a trick. Did u just figure something out?

Why would going somewhere else get u anything since everntually u'll
find out that ur just making all this stuff up in ur mind, we don't die, there is no other place. Now u know going somewhere other than here doesn't get u or anybody else anything, is anti life anti nature
and hates freedom. Wait did I just get extreme? R u sure simply not being here now isn't the real Xtreme?

Uve been down that road neo, u know where it goes. So even talking about and readin about it is wasting ur time now isn't it. What r u waiting for? There's nothing to get out there and never was. U ready for that? This is where it really starts. Do u really think ur brain is going to figure anything out ever? Has it ever before? Has any thing actually helped anyone really? So don't we all die anyhow, what's that all about huh? What is death and life? It's trying to get somewhere other than where u r. Cut the middle man and just sit here. It's what uve been looking for ur while life. When u find it u won't need to tell anyone else cause there will be no-body

Going somewhere else isn't response-able, destroys the planet, hurts everything, goes on forever, isn't real. Stay here and see what happens. Don't waste anymore time. Conclude that there is nowhere else
to go cause in reality there is no other place.

Who feeds u. Who takes care of u. U don't. Where do u get ur ideas from. Ur feelings. Ur likes ur dislikes. Not from urself. U just borrowed all of it like a coat. Give it back. It doesn't fit u anymore.
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