On Planet awesome.. (plan-it awe-sum)

On Planet awesome.. (awe-sum)
Everyones sponsored
Everyones zero (no age)
Powered off stoke
U don't "live" anywhere, ur "camping"
There's no waste
There's no crime cause there's no lack
We're all already on planet awesome and always have been
Consequences aren't harsher, just more obvious
Nobody needs to take out the trash cause there is none
Doing what ur stoked on naturally sponsors everyone else to do what
they're stoked on. Win win
Ur in exactly the right place for planet awesome
Planet awesome has NO FUTURE, just OMFG!
Planet awesome is not for sale and never can be.
The currency on planet awesome is stoke and everyones a generator.
Share stoke to amplify ur stoke account. There is no middleman.
There is no escape from planet awesome.
Planet awesome is exactly where u r.
There is no time, past or future, just constantly expanding awesome
Planet awesome is pure potential
The only god on planet awesome is everything that's happening right now.
There is no heaven or hell, just planet awesome.
Planet awesome is the biggest terrorist ever.
There are no stores on planet awesome, there's cores. Planet awesome
is multi-core.
There is no score on planet awesome.
The first rule of planer awesome, is talk about planet awesome
Planet awesome happens when u shut the fuck up.
Happens when u give up and start up.
Happens when u scream, cry, lay down to die.
Happens when u sleep all day, stay up all night.
Happens when u STOP where u r
Happens when u go to bed/ get up early
Happens when u stop trying to please others
Is appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, acceptance
Planet awesome is everything
Planet awesome is pure potential, complete genius. There's no waste.
Everythings utilized in perfect order with no time. It's totally
spontaneous and does without doing anything. Exponentially expanding
stoke wildfires. High freq fractal infinite awesome cute puppy. Begins
within now here. Needs nothing. Total terror. No escape. Parachute
free. The highest mountain. Peek. Torrential. Calm
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