My TIny "Tumbleweed" House That I Made Out Of Mostly "Trash" 2009

Another link to the photos here
I've been trying to keep it electricity free. I get Passive Solar Heat in the winter from the skylights. Also I have some good 0 degree feather sleeping bags zipped together! More pictures coming soon. If u have any questions ask in comments. I built this pretty much all myself. Got some of the materials from the habitat for humanity restore and home depot/ lowes, the rest from trash piles. It's built on a converted boat trailer that i found off craigslist for $850. I spent about 2800 total i think, maybe less and it took me about 2 months to build 95% by myself with just a rechargable drill, saw, hammer, and other random shit. So yeah im a homeowner and i can bring it w me everywhere. But Im trying to downsize. This place is too big. Maybe totally urban camping. Then planet awesum where i won't need any of this bullshit. Freegan is the future now. Oh if u wanna stay w me ever hit me up on It's currently in Richmond, Va. YEAH!!!
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