More Slave Cult-ure Ending (videos). Archangel Metatron/ SaLuSa/ Master Hilarion/ Mira Pleiadian High Council From The Galactic Federation Of Light Feb 15th 2010

Videos from Keep Up the Good Work Friends! Everything Is Awe-Sum! :)

Working together to benefit all. Ending Competition. Sharing All. Planet Awesum is Abundance for all. The end of manufactured lack. Money going buy bye.  Take Pills Die Death Cult-ure fleeing from the light now blasting spaceship earth from ME! :) I am destroying the current nightmare. ..Wish u'd please join me! Spreading awesum/ destroying cults obsessed with death and denial like the current one, is what we came here to do. We don't die. Drop out, Tap In.  GET STOKED!  U don't need to waste anyones time anymore, especially ur own! Retire into the awe-sum! How? Just ask the awe-sum NOW! Follow ur STOKE!

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