The m$m symbol kind of looks like snake eyes

The m$m symbol kind of looks like snake eyes
Ur quantum and already know everything. Just be w that part of u
that's at peace and in love. Uve already done everything. Surrender to
the awe-sum. It's already been there dine that. Don't waste any more
time w the details. Feel the sun on ur face. See the beauty of the
moment. It's there. It's here. Always was. It's just u that weren't.
Be here for that and everything else will be worked out. Srsly shut
the fuck up and stop being a bitch. Ur awesome. Realize it and stop
complaining. Be the force that ud look back on and say "dam I'm fn
awesome!" make it count. U r all u need. Be the source. Everyone is
lookin to u, waiting for u to relax in the moment. Stop fucking around
slut. U r complete now. Shut down the whorehouse of u mind. U r the
source of the awe-sum. Nobody can give it to u but they can inspire u
to find it in urself. Get stoked! All time is now! Oh also, everything
u put in ur body is just debri. Stop it and let ur beautiful bod get
back to it's original state. U can't add or take away. U can only b


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

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