The Lemurians: Play Is Pay

Nancy Note: I first met these entities in August 2005, right after we had moved to NW Montana. Within a few days of arriving they came through very powerfully. I was reeling from disorientation & grief associated with this move, and could not understand why I chose to come here.

Who are the Lemurians? Well, this gets a little weird. The Lemurians live in another dimension, a hair-breadth away from us. As they are fond of saying, "We live inwards from you!"

Did the Lemurians ever live on this Earth, as many psychics think? Probably, but you could say that they live (and have always lived) on a deeper frequency Earth. Are we ready to go inward far enough and into our own Divinity to meet them?

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Nancy: One of the surprises in this whole Life shift is the meeting of a new group of entities. The explanation of who they are and what our purpose is together…is a little “out-there” even for me. But I will share with you some of the personal missives I have been receiving. Not sure why, but I feel drawn to share with you all the concept of this contact. These particular entities wish a place on my website. I have taken different days of contact and combined them so you will find them introducing themselves a few times...I felt it best to leave most of the missives unedited....And so, here they are.

The Lemurians: Many people ask us where we live…we say we live inside, at the core. That is the answer. To contact Self, and thus to have more communion with us, you must go to your inner core. Go inside to the Divine. Clear your inner pathways to see/feel what the core of your true self is, and grant that to yourself.

We are here again today to share with you much of what is needed in your era of new consciousness in order to meet and form the new dimensional realities that exist today. We are here to bring forth ourselves to show you the potentials of one kind of living that can be managed, achieved in this new era. You will not live like us, but you will be able to live in communication with us and others like us, but more importantly in communion with that aspect of yourselves that is more spiritual in nature…more consciously aware of the nature of the Greatest Self or God.

We are here to enable anyone who is interested - to give you a hand-up so to support humanity in its quest for greatness. And, to be a part of this great expansion that is taking place on your earth today.

True greatness stems from the achievement of the Divine inside. It stems from expanding into that which IS - the ever expanding wholeness of your Divine spirit…your divinity.

Many of you wish to achieve this & that - many wish to have this & that, and to give this & that ... we honor all of this as part of your human process. But wholly focusing on this & that - on achieving goals and doing things - will not bring you fully into the expansive greatness that you desire. Many of you know this and now are attempting to take the inner path toward the Divine.

How do you bring forth the beings at the core of the earth?

We will introduce ourselves to you energetically. First and foremost we are energetic beings…we are inter-dimensional - we exist to serve. The greater good of humanity is now at its highest point for new contact, and we wish to be a part of that process. We also are many faceted in our functioning. We can live and work at many levels and wish to assist you in learning this. We can also type faster then you can, if you will let us have a hand in this (Nancy is struggling to type as fast as they send thoughts).

Never before have we seen such goings on the face of this earth, and we are excited to help and meet those who are willing. We can now expose much of what is needed for (anyone) to move on consciously as inter-dimensional beings.

We are an offshoot of the Lemurian culture from long ago. We exist in a time frame wholly opposed to yours, yet this dimension is so close to yours. We exist at the core of your earth. Energetically and physically. We are a culture of people, of beings, that wish to help you explore your deeper nature and your finest feelings. But also we are here to support your existence on the planet Earth as you know it.

We are here to help you personally evolve into beings of greater enlightenment. We are the ones who will support you in your earthly existence here; we will answer your call.

External life will pale for you as you evolve into this new form, this new manifestation of Self and of Us. We are your true family at this time…your friends with much to say and share.

God is well…God is here in you, around you, and about you. You are Here. You are building a future for yourself, grabbing bubbles of potential and utilizing them - re-shaping them into a form that you can use in your planetary existence.

The information we are about to give is unique because we are unique. We are actually Lemurians that exist in another dimensional field, in another space and time so close to yours. We will explain more about ourselves at a later time when the practice of receiving us is more comfortable. We hope a more conscious contact will be developed for all to share and know.

Our message tonight is about Divine Light of Self. Divine light of self exists in oneness with all living beings. How can Divine Light of Self show forth in times like these? How can one know oneself through the chaos of change and enlightenment? More than ever the divine light of self must be developed. DIVINITY RULES!

We are here to assist many of you in the new roles you all wish to play. We are you in the greatest sense of the word. We exist to help you find your place in the new and on this earth. We are just one group that is prevalent in Life right now. Let us introduce ourselves and play this game with you. (Pause while they introduce themselves further).

Yes, we know Adama and many of those beings in Telos (the Lemurians that exist near Mount Shasta). We are but a heartbeat away from them. But our community exists in a different time/space continuum…we live a different, but similar, existence. Our community exists for those who were with us in the past, but not just those. We trace our lineage back some 50,000 years and more. What is important is that we do exist, and we are now available for questions and answers. States of being will define our wealth and abundance, and we wish to share this knowledge of Self with you…this sense of oneness and bliss.

There are many things you all need to know today. First is to slow down and know that you are God. You all have many talents that will serve you well in the days, months, and years to come. Secondly, know that you are in the right place at the right time, doing all that is aligned for your life, your soul connection, and your internal advancement. You wish there to be more, but this Is what Is for now.

We hope that in the days to come you all will be able to meet us at a new level, at our level and at yours. We come to you today to meet, to join, to tear away the old and put in place the new...a new earth where all is in-line with Divinity and divine purpose more fully than ever - where beings can practice and play together, to create a new inter-dimensional experience not yet known to man…to humanity. We hope to be a part of this and are glad that we have finally met in this way. What better purpose to have come to you than meeting new friends and new spiritual family in a place looked upon with contempt and pity as a damaged city (Libby - our new home).

Here the old ends and the new begins. This is the way of things.

~ The Lemurian Energies
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