Innernet Peace Corps

these are notes i took from "jasmuheens madonna frequency planetary peace program youtube videos"
they are about freeing people from dorks, posers, prostitution, ..stuff of the take pills die death cult-ure (low-freq).

as far as ive seen there is nobody more punk rock.. other than my recent finding of jericho sunfire. but yeah jasmuheen is from a different generation which might make some of the things she says "corny", even though on planet awe-sum eveyone's zero (no-age). I don't believe in age-ism. I salute anyone battling the current "slow and stupid" regime.

- - - - - - - -- - --- - - -- -- - - -- --- - -- - - - -

I am an ascended being of infinite light and infinite love
We accept peace now and we love it.
We accept peace now and we honor it.
We accept peace now an we respect it.
I Andrew Cauthen accept the invitation of the innernet peace corps to
reclaim my right to love on earth in harmony and peace now
As a citizen on planet earth, I now reclaim my right to live in peace.
Chant 3 times!
So it is! So it is! So it is!
Love breath... Breathe in "I am love" breathe out "I love"
I am plugged into a neverending source of pure love, divine love,
divine wisdom, and power. As I morph through this world it moves
through me, it nourishes me, it flows out into the world and tranforms
this world.
I do not absorbe energy from this world. I radiate infinite energy
into this world.
I surrender every cell, every atom of my being to the divine force
within. U make me the weight that u want me to be.
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