How To Not Want To Die. Drop Out Of The Take Pills Die Death Cult-Ure. Out Of Denial, Into Acceptance, Into Life, Into Reality.

So u feel pretty bad and are thinking about ways to kill urself. JOIN THE CROWD! Im not talking about the "take pills die" death cult-ure's idea of killing urself (which is just doing it real fast). If u look around u and really see what suicide is, it happens over a period of time, day to day, moment by moment. We kill ourselves with our thoughts and our actions from these thoughts. We've incorporated slow suicide into an acceptable everyday practice. My definition of suicide is doing pretty much anything the current death cult tells us to do. EXAMPLES: school, work, eating, dating, shopping, driving, thinking, reading, watching tv, talking, sleeping. all forms of suicide. how is this u might ask? cause they are all based on an idea that we can only express ourselves via the current death cult, by it's rules, rules that are based on taking advantage of someone or something else to survive. Its based on a system of ideas that don't work. To follow the rules of the current death cult is to kill urself. To do what actually works for all in a suicidal death cult is to be a terrorist.

Actual Take Pills Die Death Cult-ure Scenario:
1. Hi honey, it's ur birthday, ohhhh, lets go stuff genetically modified plastic fed debeaked gang green chickens on drugs who never have seen daylight nor walked due to enormous inbred size. We can smother it in bloody, puss filled cow rape juice (cheese). Cows on drugs that had were fist fucked and then robbed of their kids. Kids that were put immediately into cages to be starved to death, on drugs, so to be a luxury "food" (veil). Then lets put more chemicals on it to make it "taste good" and drink pints and pints of poison to feel "good" and "express ourselves". We can feel numb and dead and want to fuck to continue the instinctual obligations to the dis-eased species. Fucking and Sucking. Violence. Death. Disease. Just what the doctor ordered. All this prep work can be done with forced indentured servant slave labor on drugs prescribed by the medical mafia. Serfs on drugs who work just to survive (all of america). They can put all they're hate and frustration and wrecked relationship history into our "foods" that we are now eating, so we can shit in ten minutes. We can waste water that has been treated with industrial waste products that make us docile and infertile by flushing down a million shits a second. We can talk about how smart we are from all the tv stations that are owned by the corporations (our masters) we buy our products from, that tell us we have a choice.
From all the actors/ entertainers that only scrape by if they puppet what these suicidal masters tell them to puppet. We can wear out one of our many sweat shop clothes shipped by ppl on medical mafia drugs halfway across the globe. We as slaves on drugs from the medical mafia to survive can drive antique, non-renewable resource powered, stagnant/sedentary lifestyle encouraging vehicles built by slaves on drugs from the medical mafia to survive to go back to our plastic, cardboard, particle board houses built by slaves/ underpaid illegal immigrants on drugs prescribed by the medical mafia. We can never open the windows so to get the maximum toxic effect of our volatile furnishings that we clean with even more toxic waste to get them clean. Then we can wash that off us with toxic waste that gives us kidney failure, diabetes, asthma, cancer. That can be solved by drug dealing medical mafia owned "doctors" that rape whole nations for ur "fix". We can buy things just to throw away in holes covered with dirt or shipped into trash islands in the middle of seas. Ur kids can pay, we can all pay, for ur "conveniences" forever. U can put everyone that doesn't agree with ur suicidal policies into suicide reprogramming camps that have no regulation whatsoever and with no word at all in the local corporate owned/ controlled information sources. U can pat urself on the back for a job well done after having ur toxic failed radiation treated cancer ridden body contained in an overpriced pesticide ridden tree farmed coffin. With the inscriptions, "jesus loves me" on the smashed deformed rocks that were raped from the great mother u skull fucked without abandon.
.....The only acceptable thing to do in the current death cult is to die, on drugs of course, just like we're born. pwnd

So what is suicide again? U guessed it. Obeying anything but how u feel in every moment. So what do u feel? it takes practice at first, but normally if it's correct, people will think of u as a terrorist, since u'll be showing our culture what it is. The current death cult will call u what it is. The current cult will say ur lazy, unproductive, irresponsible, insane, suicidal, negative, ignorant, angry, ugly, weird, stupid,... cause that's what this current death cult-ure is.. It deals with everything by blaming others for them, so that nothing really ever gets done. If u get called any of these things by these cult members, then CONGRATULATIONS ur on the right path! :) This what being a role model citizen is. Welcome to the real world. Just like in the matrix! It's not pretty but at least now ur not sinking in quick sand any longer with the rest of them. Ur out of denial into acceptance. YEAH! GOOD JOB! U r quite rare indeed. Speaking things how u see them. To not talk about what is right in front of ur face, is denial, is anti-life, is anti-god, is SUICIDE! The take pills die death cult-ure makes not facing reality (killing urself/ suicide) conveniently and easily, the norm. But not much longer now! PLAN-IT AWE-SUM! GIANT PARTY EVERYTHING IS FREE AND EVERYONE'S INVITED! ... take pills die. quit ur job and get a life!

Satan and santa are the same thing.
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