Gratitude. Contentment. Collapsing Time.

Gratitude. Contentment. Collapsing Time.

All "problems" happen for the exact perfect reason down to the finest
detail so that u can use the knowledge of ur "situation" to help
others. There are no accidents. Knowing this, what used to be problems
will now be insights. Ur ascension process (nothing fancy, just real-ization of what actually is) will quickly evolve, life
will be way more fun and spontaneous, and a trust will grow between u
and intuition (who u really r) that nothing can stop. Listen now or listen later. It's just a matter a time. It's all in time and is already done. U r out of time already. Sync to that. Our new understanding is out of time, into now here.

Keyword: gratitude is the attitude.

U can look back now on ur life and see for urself :) Ur in the perfect
place for ultimate awesum now. True understanding collapses time since there's no longer a need for it. Everything happening now. Choose ur adventure. Know that u chose all of it and always have, always will. So now what? What do u choose now?

...Thanks archangel gabrial and metatron for the insight! And thanks
great mother earth and father sun for providing all for my current
journey! Love love love!


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

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