Galactic Federation Of Light. What to do with "Slow and Stupid" Death Cult-ure. GET STOKED!

Galactic Federation of Light. Kryon Youtube Video Playlist

Make It Fun. Spark Ur Joy. U all have a mission. This mission revolves around selfless service to others. It is the reason u r on earth now. It will no longer be about surviving. It will be about loving. There will be no more fighting over things. There is enough abundance for everyone. There are absolutely no limits now. Be in-joy.

What if u had one million dollars now to give away in the next hour. who would u give it to? Dream big dreams cause there are none that are impossible now.

Trust that their is a higher intelligence in charge on the earth and in ur life. Trust that. It will get u through whatever is going on in ur life. Worry is wasted thought. Practice living in faith. Keep ur freqs high. U r never alone even if u feel that way at times. Practice allowing the awe-sum to show u. Surrender to what ur really feeling. U know it's all bullshit and you know u r being kept slow and stupid. U know ur money is going to feed war machines in ur name. U know what u need to do. U have to let go and allow. It is always a matter of choice that u need to make in every moment every time u re-member. The future is freegan. Try to let go of any fear u have in the future, since u are creating it. Everyone is looking to you. U r going to see radical changes that are beneficial to all when u let go and allow the awesome. Stop manipulating. U didn't come here to struggle. U came here to have the best life ever. U r a creation machine. U can do it! Ur way more awesome than u can imagine. If ur tired, take a nap. There is nothing u have to do ever. U don't owe anybody anything. What ur feeling is the flushing away of old world low freq energy. Celebrate it. Don't rebuke or judge anything since u don't really know what's good or bad. It's a passing parade. Watch it go. Just look up and notice that WE ARE ON A BIG ROCK IN FUCKING OUTER SPACE THAT GOES ON FOREVER HOLY SHIT!!!

Eat less/ live more! Simplify ur life. Lessen ur load on others by using less. Soon u'll realize u don't need anything at all! No srsly! We are making up all the limited thinking. Use ur power to create. Don't misuse it if u can help it. We all move at our own pace. But if u want to be light-er, live light-er. Be flexible and not rigid in ur beliefs. Life is dynamic so u must constantly reassess ur position with it. We will get whatever we are ready for. Be ready for the most amazing things ever and don't waste any more time w low freq beings. There is nothing u can say to help them understand what u r doing so don't bother. There is also nothing they can do to stop u from doing what u r doing. Just make sure it benefits all on all levels and shine the awesum, the stoke, keep it HIGH! U will come back to this more and more. Less and less will u need heavy low freq in-formation as u allow things to pass.

Train ur mind to see the message in all things. All things and people that come into ur wild. U r being given gifts in every moment. But u have to be open to it. The miracle is not that the message has been sent, but that u got it. Be open to recieve these messages. Change the channel to awe-sum. Trust Urself. Trust Others. Trust those around u. It's all in perfect order. Living in fear only makes more fear. Don't lock ur doors. Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't worry about yesterday. Only now. I know it's easy to say. U just have to keep re-minding urself. Repitition. love love love.
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