Freegan Ambient Drone-ish Albums That Have Inspired Me Lately

HELLO HAPPY PPLS! here are some links to what i have been listening to lately in the ambient / drone or near there category.. this doesn't change much, but please leave comments to albums you've been listening to lately. I don't support banksters, pyramid schemes, haters as much as possible, since it doesn't work. if an album that u have isn't freegan, put it up on and post it here or on ur blog and link it here (in comments, please don't email me). I know most ppl aren't freegan yet so it's  inevitable to pirate in the current take pills die death cult-ure. When the laws are wrong, everyone is a criminal. but pirating is a positive, healthy start. steal it back! This helps us all. thank u :)

First i want u all to know that i am out of the loop and don't read so much about other artists, mainly so i can inspire myself. There are so many AMAZING ambient drone artists out there so please let me know who they are in the comments below (not by emailing me), especially let us all know if they are u! My only prerequisite is that it be freegan and stay that way forever, since it's the future now and everything else is deeeaaad. PLANET AWESUM IS FREEGAN!

if ur just using freegan-ism to promote "ooh first ones free but the second will cost u" go somewhere else cause i try not to support terrorism. money is terrorism. thanks! :) all business is the death business. I only now promote life, which if is sold, becomes dead. there is no equal exchange with monetary units and no excuses, I'd say. but yeah im from outer space.

stars of the lid (favorite ever) - or all SOTL albums here mediafire or all here plus some or go here filestube for a few of them

eluder - drift on and warm warming (mediafire)

milieu/ brian grainger - milieu brother ambient tapes gunkajima slow lid close  a warm wooden hollow (quosp) grassland melodies (david tagg) sawdust aromatics

take pills die
[tpd090] 09.10.28 Abolish Money
[tpdm083] 07.04.23 Dead Sea Partyng
[tpdm082] 07.04.16 Everyone Here Is Me
[tpdm071] 05.12.25 Country
[tpdm069] 05.12.02 There Are Better Ways To Kill Yourself You Know
[tpdm063] 05.08.26 Standing Stone
[tpdm041] 04.04.29 The New You
[tpdm008] 02.10.08 Sweater Kittens

herzog - first summer and the running dream

washed out - high times and life of leisure on mediafire

john maus - Love is Real 2007 and Songs 2006 on mediafire 

celer - on the arill belsslsssl and filestube here

ian hagwood (oops i mean ian hawgood) - soundtrack to a film multiple albums on

some others that got me into this:
aphex twin selected ambient works volume 1
aphex twin selected ambient works volume 2 part 1 part 2

ok, random shit i just found and haven't really listened to but have the names im talkn bout in them:
Podcast from Framework Radio phonography/field recording here

i just want to take this space to say QUIT SCHOOL BEFORE U GET TOO STUPID! and also, IF IT'S NOT FREEGAN, U PROLLY DON'T NEED IT!

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