Don't Cut Any Of Ur Hairs Ever Again

Hair is Power. Cutting it Cuts U From Ur Power. Shaving is ugly and makes u look old/ weird. Put Ur hair in a bundle or let it hang down. Or Let it dreadlock. Ur hairs are ur antennas to heaven. Shaving it is like shaving out ur brain. Plus it hurts and costs money, which makes u have to be a wage slave and suck it. Hair protects ur sensitive parts from temperature and wicks away moisture which causes disease. If u shave ur hair ur more likely to turn into coffin filler, faster, and uglier. Ur hairs are there for a reason, don't let the current death cult deform/ retard ur thinking like it has done to itself. Let ur hairs do their thing and focus on what really matters. Which is eating ur own shit. (see post below about eating shit)

Grow A Beard.
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