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Some new traits of ur planet awesum (plan-it awe-sum) birthright, when u embrace it, are not having to need anything material anymore to "survive".  FUCK YEAH!!!!!

What's the most common thing people tell you when u say ur going "PRO-AWESUM"? ...It's "Well U Gotta Eat?!".. Now you can tell them:
to go fuck themselves,
that all food is a drug, 
kills u, 
kills the planet, 
is not necessary, 
that not eating is our natural state, 
they are being selfish using what they don't need and they are missing out on themselves (the party), 
eating makes u "slow and stupid", 
eating wastes resources, 
eating makes us shit all over urself, 
eating makes u have to whore ur beautiful body out to terrorist dorks, 
eating makes u old and ugly and have to shit all over urself, 
eating wastes almost 80 or 90 % of ur energy for nothing for digestion, 
eating makes u less creative, 
eating makes u smell bad, 
eating makes u need doctors and other demons of low frequency death cult-ure,
eating is violent, 
eating is no fun for anyone. 

To quit eating is nothing special and yes it's ur natural state. U CAN DO THIS NOW (and it's free-gan)! Yeah it will be a process, just like getting off any drug, but the links below offer u some support. Im not completely there yet either as of now. But I am fasting/ detoxing the "take pills die" death cult-ure out of me as u read this.

Get with the program! We as a species don't have to be irresponsible, lazy, terrorists anymore!

Here are two youtube playlists to help u on ur path/initiation. This will help us all manifest plan-it awe-sum much faster:

Jericho Sunfire Breatharian Warrior Jericho Sunfire! 1. A day in the life 2. The fruitarian/ liquidarian/ breatharian process 3. 5 minute workout YOUTUBE PLAYLIST -55 videos
here is Mr. Jericho Sunfire's new website. ..Can't thank u enough!! :) download and read his ebooks! 

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