Born ugly

Born ugly
Ramp tricks brain storm:
Bs flip off extension over small part
Fs ts Ollie to wall
Fs 270 Ollie to bs/fs 270 out/ sw bs 270 out
Fs 180 sw krook kf out
Hc blunt bs nb bs 180 out
Fs 5-0 mute grab pull in
Fs 5-0 fs shuv
Sw bs 5-0 shuv
Bl fs disaster to bs revert
Bl bs bigspin
540 Ollie impossible off extension
Bl on extension to 5050 lower deck to fakie
Bl ext to bs disaster low deck
Kf crook/ shuv
Kf bs lip/ bs 180
Sw f smith
Sw fs 360 disaster / revert
Sw fs 360 tail stall / revert
Bs 270 nose pick/ 270 in
Bs 360 nose stall/ revert
Sw fs flip nstall / revert
Sw fs flip disaster
Sq bs flip disaster
N 270 shuv np / 270 revert
Fs 5-0 kf
Fa ts fs shuv
Kf bs nb
Fakie pop kf disaster to nb
Fakie pop kf to nb to fakie to nb
Kf bl to fakie to bl to kf
Fs pop shuv bl/ bs 180
Fakie fs 180 bl fs 180 in
N bs nblunt to bs 180 in
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