Lighten-ing Up Ur Life! Raising Ur Freqency to Planet Awesome! How To Drop Out, Quit Ur Job, And Get A Life! Go Pro-Awesome!

Learning to live w less. lighten-ing up ur life. U gotta draw the line somewhere right? remember we shouldn't have to pay to live on the planet we were born on. these are some low cost simple steps to free urself from what i call the "take pills die" death cult-ure. so we can focus all our time and energy on "planet awesome. giant party everything is free and everyone's invited". All useful things in the world came from ppl choosing to make a "life" rather than a "living".

1. First things first, go get an ebt food card at ur local social services spot. Tell them u make $0 dollars and that u won't share ur food w anyone. u'll get up to $200 a month within the month but prolly earlier. u can buy groceries for ur friends then they can give u money back. After u get ur ebt food "stamp" card u can then get a free cell phone and service through safelink sign up for it on the website and u'll get it in 5 days. it's kind of a scam cause u only get 70 minutes a month but it accumulates from month to month and it's "free". its a good back up phone. i think we're all telepathic and that anything tricknology can do, we can do better, since we have way more advanced technology (the brain/dna). but first u gotta believe in urself, love urself, trust urself, ..u are all u got. tension is death.

2. go vegetarian/vegan, or none of this will work. srsly this will give u the ability to feel and be aware, which is the most important thing. frutarians better (no more trash! since most trash comes from food packaging) interviews with fruitarians and breatharian is even better than that. supposedly breatharian is our natural state and all food is a drug. How To Quit Eating Physical Food Videos Pt.1 How To Quit Eating Physical Food Videos Pt.2

3. learn to dumpster dive, it's great fun and u never know what u'll find. everything i am writing here and everything i do with my life benefits all ppl regardless of "occupation". cause on planet awesome, everyone's sponsored no matter what they do or how many times they change their mind about it. in other words, u don't have to suck satans cock to survive anymore since we finally figured out as a whole that it'a "unproductive" and irresponsible to live off the suffering of others, which is the basis of the current cult-ure.

4. enjoy sleeping more outside or in small spaces, like cars, forts, floors, or with other pple. housing costs are a rediculous, sick joke. it's what keeps most ppl stuck in wage slavery/ prostitution. here's my house that i built out of mostly scraps i found and scavenged parts from habitat for humanity restore for $2800 ..I'm a homeowner! (not really, we are all just camping on earth, nobody "owns" anything) ha!! also u can use couch surfing for a free place to stay anywhere in the world give to recieve. sharing is caring. we have to learn to communicate and get along with others if we are to survive this current regime with it's motto "one nation, alienation".

5. break down ur gear to stuff that u can just wear on ur back, like stop wearing underwear, two pairs of socks only, wear mostly only BLACK cause it doesn't show dirt as much and always looks sharp. wear tight clothes so u always look good. only have two shirts, one hoody, one jacket. and get some black hankies/ skarf things for cleaning up
, keeping ur neck warm, drying off after showers or swimming, wiping ur butt, cleaning up spooge, etc. get a disposable 3 blade razor and shave with water in the shower or bath. not looking homeless is very important even though we all are 2 paychecks from being homeless. or just fuck it, grow it out, make it cool. shaving sux. a toothbrush helps but u can just use a hanky or shirt or not eat shit food in the first place.

6. learn to sew/ fix ur clothes. yes learn to use a sewing machine too. this will help u a lot! save u tons of suffering and keep u in ur favorite clothes everyday. especially for ur pants (patch them from the inside) and looking smooth in general. diy or die. for shirts, sew them up the sides to make them fit just right. loose/ bulky stuff just looks sloppy imo, try wearing the same clothes for a few months and u'll hone it up real proper.

7. practice not eating/ fasting more (this is hard i know but will help a LOT! trust me it heals everything and makes it so u don't need health insurance ever again). if u don't practice eating less, veganism, fruitarianism, etc.. the medical mafia will find u and murder u. sorry. they hate life, want to die, and want to bring everyone else with them. WATER FAST EVERYDAY FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! CLEAN OUT UR MEATSUIT! ur body is a system of tubes, dont clog it up with "food". like i said before, pretty much all food is a drug and kills u. there is no proof that food nourishes us in any way. sorry haters. we don't need u anymore. think about a life where u trust that the universe provides for u, and heals u, and cares about u in every way. and that u don't have to worry about anything anymore. that ur free as the wind. and there's nothing u have to do. and u don't owe anybody anything. and all u have to do is share stoke.

8. get a good bike and fix it up urself,, get a bike tool. tire levers, tire pump, 15mm for wheels, patch kit, lights, maybe a tail fin for water, make it a single speed or fixed gear only. this will save so much trouble in the future it's unimaginable. cars make scars. but even better than this. WALK! even better than walking, WALKING BAREFOOT! shoes deform ur feet. all clothes covers lower ur frequency and make u "slow and stupid". hang out in the sun naked as much as possible. there's not much better on earth to do, other than laying in the sun naked having sex. not following ur dreams makes u a bad sex partner and lame to be around in general.

9. get a good bag, i have a reload courier bag that's water proof and has compression straps. this will help u not look like a homeless person so terrorists/ ppl that believe this current cult works, don't hate on u. plus u can carry everything u could possibly need in it when u want to (groceries, laundry, water, flowers, babies, cameras, stuff u find laying around,, etc). this bag gets super big and so small u don't even notice. plus it doubles as a security blanket. and u can put everything for ur travels u need in it while still looking like a "pedestrian", even though ur actually a terrorist for planet awesome destroying all that doesn't work anymore. hahahaaah!!

10. practice meditation, i call it "stillin", this is the ultimate boycott and will keep u happy in any situation. srsly the best information i could ever give is this one. it will take u everywhere. this is all u really need to do. focus on ur breath. it's the practice of being happy doing absolutely nothing. which is the opposite of the anxiety driven take pills die death cult. i say "take pills die" so we can accept where we are to get to where we are going, which is planet awesome. Complete Destruction With Eckhart Tolle Video Playlist go within or go without! Being content and peaceful where u r will get u everywhere my friend, without even going anywhere! holy shit! freegan power that works for all!

11. get an ipod touch 2g or 3g. yup get one they're rad. u can check ur email, get directions, read stuff on the internet, read books (app goodreader/stanza), play music, make music, u can even text peoples phones and call peoples phones with skype ($30 a year unlimited usa/canada) if ur near wifi. get it refurbished on the apple site or check ebay. this will save u having to share computers or use lame libraries. plus listening to music/ audio books is a great way to get ur head from hamster wheeling around anxiety driven take pills die death cult-ure. tune out turn on! and watch the zombies pass u buy looking for their fn brains.

12. get some oils. throw ur soap away. wash clothes by hand. i use lavendar and tea tree oil. i use this for everything, pits, ass, chode, hair, going out, clothes. u can use it for cuts, scrapes, burns, bugs. also i have peppermint that u can rub on ur gums to freshen ur mouth. oils raise the frequency and lift the spirits of awesome. and they're easy to steal from anywhere and will last u forever. remember these stores stole it from u in the first place so don't feel bad. u shouldn't have to pay to live on the planet u were born on. but remember not to liberate back more than u need. it's not about greed. it's about planet awesome!

13. get a good sleeping bag "golite ultra 20 quilt" and "thermarest - neo air ground pad" ground pad. u can get them both here for the cheapest Ive heard emergency blankets or space blankets are really good as well and very cheap.. u can just duct tape them together to make a nice bag for like $13 ...u can fit all this in ur reload bag and nobody will even know ur house free! Yeah!! migrate south in the winter or recluse urself w ur folks if they're not terrorists. i love sleeping bags :) down is the best cause it compresses into almost nothing and it's super light. im a minimalist, man.

14. learn to wild forage. some easy things to forage that will totally feed u and grow everywhere are.. dandelions (all parts), clovers, nettles, sorrel, u can even chew on grass... other than that supposedly all food is just stored sunlight, so go soak up the sun and get it first hand. all "food" kills u. detox r die. remember, eat wild to be wild, eat domesticated to be domesticated. it doesn't taste bad, u can't taste from eating processed foods u dork, grow up.

15. (this is extreme kind of but we are living in extreme times) to clean dirty TAP water (as in fluoridated, chlorinated, drugged like drugs that ur mom takes) , pray for it, and leave it in the sun for a little while in a clear container (preferrably glass). Supposedly all food is just stored sunlight so to cut out the middleman just store up the sun in ur water. or hang in the sun as much as possible. letting it hit as much of ur skin as possible. this is the cure for most infections so-called doctors get paid to "cure". breathing helps a lot too. go out for a run and get oxygen-ated. cancer can't grow in a oxygenated/ alkaline ph body (most of us are acid ph. stretch. do push ups. scream. tension is death. let go let it flow.

if u eat lighter, u'll be able to drink way less and eventually nothing at all. u can get all ur water from just eating fruits, since fruits are mostly water anyhow. another good way to get clean water is go to ur local glacier water refill spot (out here it's near krogers), costs 30cents a gallon and removes fluoride and chlorine through reverse osmosis. but it might not remove all the drugs ur drug dealers (doctors) push on us that we pee and poop back into ur water supply. fn bitches. doctors are the number one cause of death, after working of course.

to clean, like stream water if ur out and theirs nothing else. u just find the cleanest looking part, that is flowing the most. get some and yeah, pray for it! send it some "awe-sum". think "CUTE PUPPY"! seriously it changes the molecular structure of it.

all haters, check out "what the bleep do we know"

or read up on doctor emoto . dogs drink from puddles all the time. maybe they know somethin? regardless, our thoughts are more powerful than toxins. yeah easier said than done but hey. we do live in a culture that is based on fear to sell products. im just saying u don't need their shit to be happy. and that everything they have to offer is a crutch, or deadly. yeah im on a computer. but it's nothing like the brainutor. we've only just begun to tap into that one.

16. get ssi. u can get $674 a month.. first go to a free phychiatrist so they can deem u crazy, so u can have some medical history,, we're all crazy so we might as well get paid for it! if u already have medical history ur good. then go to ur local social security office and claim "disability". good luck! i learned this from my biological dad that i met for the first time last year.

17. ur only safety is in danger. srsly safety is the most dangerous thing ever. and there's no end to how dangerous safety is. if u live a sedentary lifestyle u will suffer tremendously in every way and so will everyone else around u. stay active!! what im talking about here is QUALITY OF LIFE and being really really rich. a rich that nobody can take away from u. a rich that will destroy all chaos creators that call themselves "government". it will start the new business that benefits all, planet awesome! what we came here to do. not to waste our time bitching, complaining, numbing ourselves/ denial, surviving, trying to live up to unreal standards set by so-called "experts". the less u consume the more u r. buying is dying. we came here not to be moderate but to thrive and celebrate how awesome life is! it's so awesome! flow means go, stuck means chuck.

18. read up to motivate and inspire urself on the laziness of working/ wage slavery and trying to "survive" in the current death cult-ure. it's a lie and will only make u a liar. working doesn't work. it's the most dangerous, irresponsible, unproductive thing u could possibly do on earth. it makes us all poor. again all good things in life come from people that choose to make a life not a living. dont be fooled by haters. don't prostitute urself to low ends. the "future" is dependent on the decisions we make now. make noble ones that don't hurt others/ create more suffering. quit school before u get too slow and stupid, "work" only to get what u need then quit, ur never going to make it kissing ass, they will use u up and throw u away cause they don't give a fuck about u, cause the don't give a fuck about themselves. working is simply not response-able. it robs u of ur ability to respond to stimuli. the current cult is based on taking life from others, by stealing and being a liar, exploitation, and making ppl incapable, spineless, superficial, cowards. don't do it! u have a choice! the more ppl that make this choice to be pro awesome the better it will be for everyone! srlsy thank u. the best thing i've come up with is just simply living with less and trusting in what made everything to be to continue showing u what's best in every moment. be here now now for the presents. NOW new opportunities waiting.

19. remember that we can die at anytime and the medical mafia cant do much about it. so now u don't fear death as much. we're all going to die. life's short. be here now. this is what happens to all of us after we die our current culture won't save u, it's dying, let it go. stop feeding it. please! when everything changes, change everything. neale donald walsch rules! conversations with god books helped me tons to free up old energy. i suggest u continue reading/ talking about things that inspire u to be more of who u are. the first rule of planet awesome,.. talk about planet awesome!

20. because we are now living in the dark ages, everyone u know will make u feel like ur mad when u start really getting on the path to planet awesome. so ur going to have to learn to love and believe in urself. since u'll prolly be alone a lot. rememeber ur awesome and everything u feel is true if it benefits all. ur doing really great just being able to read this far. ur a warrior. thanks for being on the earth. everyone will be doing what ur doing very soon or die, so don't u worry my friend :) i love u! i don't really know what else to offer. i am doing my best here. i promise it'll keep getting better if u keep pushing the awesome. u can do it! u were born for this! u have to learn to forgive others cause they don't really know what they are doing or else they'd be doing what ur doing. which is raising their frequency to planet awesome! they're too scared to follow their hearts. they are looking to u to save them that's why they condemn u. they're just scared. ur what is called a lightworker. u have many friends on earth in physical and non physical form so don't be scared. it's all working out perfectly and there's really nothing anybody can do to stop u.. it's just a matter of time before everyone "catches up". so keep on keeping on and practice being present. on planet awesome, there is no time, or age, we are all zero. zero point. planet awesome is multi-core. multi dimensional. planet awesome is powered off stoke. on planet awesome everyone's sponsored. the first rule of planet awesome.. is talk about planet awesome! the second rule of planet awesome... TALK ABOUT PLANET AWESOME!

ok now u can travel a lot and network, or lay around and stare at the stars and do nothing without as much fear and waaay more time. so now u can share the word about PLANET AWESOME! GIANT PARTY EVERYTHING IS FREE AND EVERYONE'S INVITED! this is all a process and everyone's different/ going at it in different times/ different ways, so u gotta take it in tune with ur own intuition (that thing that u feel inside that tells u that most of what we do everyday is bullshit). these are all just suggestions that have been working for me. Im still dealing w all of them as well, which is why im sharing this with u to help me/us. please leave comments/ email me with any suggestions so we can make this list better and more awesome for everyone. ur all doing so good and i really appreciate it. every bit helps. the world is waiting for u. don't waste any more "time". thank you :)
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