Evolution of Self-ishness

The more u give, the more u get. Since we're all the same person,
giving to others is just giving to urself. The evolution of self-
ishness. We're here on earth to serve ourselves all the way to zero
point. Gathering, funneling, accepting, forgiving, loving, shedding
the use for fear. Mastery. The awesome. Fun. Creation. Mystery.
Ongoing. Simple. Process. Ease-ee. We're making it all up, everything,
is u, me, us. Storms come, they go, ur still here, unchanged, just
broadened perspective that nurtures. Understands. Excitement.
Compassion. No worries. We've been there or We'll go there. It's ok.
Beyond time. Yo yo. Forwards backwards doesn't matter. There's no
escape. Nowhere really to run. Nowhere to hide. Wide open to the
smallest, densist point. Feel it. It's u and not u. It's change, life.
Upgrade downgrade. Who really cares. Make it again, better, or don't.
Let go let go. Cool breeze. Lighten up. Breathe. Ahhhh. Freeeee.
Oooohhh. Retire into awesome. It's all good. Surf the crowd. Totally
relaxed and aware. Warrior. I am there. Expanded nothing. How do u
feel now. How do u feel now. Everything is a meditation when ur
PreSENT for what's happening. Mind is a hamster wheel. Let it be. It's
ok. No problems. Ull still be fine. There's time. Flow means go, stuck
means chuck. Intuit. Divine timing. Non judgement. Allowing. The work
is no work. Just being present with love, open arms. Like a puppy.
Cute. Innocent. Nothing to it unless u want it to be. Goes on forever
until u stop it. Ur just exausting urself. Conserve ur energy. Invest
it in what works, the awesome, urself. Ur all u got. Free. Un-Limited.
Everything. Nothing special. Spontaneous stream of awesome. Chill out.
Play. Play all day. Have fun u won. Ambition stops. Collective. Hole
to whoooole. Feel it n let it go. Be on time for u which is here now.
Concentrated. Tight! Ease. Singing embrace, caressed. Warm gaze.
Gentle sunset. Star shower. Ride the wave of awesome. U really have no
control. Trust. Forgive. We're all little kids. No-age. Zero. We
haven't really gone anywhere. We've always been home. Lay down.
Gravity. Outer space. So many things. Tidal waves of gratitude. It's a
frequency. Tune in. Planet awesome. Bright lights. Stoke.


Planet Awesum! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyones Invited!

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