Believe In Yourself! BE - ON - LEAVE - IN - YOUR - SELF!!

Believe In Yourself
Be - On - Leave - In - Your - Self.
take a leave of absecnce from the outer world ..
and go within.. or go without
permeate your being
in your self
in your soul
be possessed by the soul
how do u get posessed by the soul?
go within..
then keep going within
further and further
until you find the source
the light.
the life force.
is light.
we are light beings
our hearts beat peace
its the forgotten rhythm
remember it.
i will re-member it!
dream yourself away.
create anew.
stoked to do it now! so stoked thanks. thats all i want to do. just to be in love anew in all that is
Be Love.
Be Life.
be lieve
Be on leave. your divine self.
be live.. be on leave.. haha
you better believe I'm on leave...
In myself.
hmmm, on leave in myself. that rules
a leave of absence from the outer world
if we do not go within...
we go without.
this is the truth of truths.
the kingdom of heaven is within.
the creative force is within.

New Opportunities Waiting

R.E.M. - Ember

In-Spring In-Spiral-ing

see.. life is easy.
life is free
life is freegan. death, it costs money. flow means go, stuck means chuck

true - to see through - sea u

send me some s-toke!

about my ex-girlfriend and gramma who just split earth 6 or so days ago
don't feel like erasing all the times and names..

you still talk to virginia?
[10/1/31 2:29:46 AM] Andrew Cauthen: a little bit
[10/1/31 2:30:00 AM] Andrew Cauthen: not so much.. i called her a couple weeks ago
[10/1/31 2:30:08 AM] mathew frantz: oh, cool.
[10/1/31 2:30:16 AM] Andrew Cauthen: we changed frequencies
[10/1/31 2:30:22 AM] mathew frantz: i think about the energy of your apt
[10/1/31 2:30:29 AM] mathew frantz: it was cool,
[10/1/31 2:30:40 AM] mathew frantz: at least from an outsiders perspective
[10/1/31 2:30:50 AM] mathew frantz: but, people change
[10/1/31 2:30:57 AM] Andrew Cauthen: haaha.. thanks.. u should see my new spot.
[10/1/31 2:30:57 AM] mathew frantz: its the natural way
[10/1/31 2:31:08 AM] mathew frantz: yeah
[10/1/31 2:31:13 AM] Andrew Cauthen: no she's still rad. we just had to share it all in different directions..
[10/1/31 2:31:13 AM] mathew frantz: send me some pics
[10/1/31 2:31:26 AM] Andrew Cauthen: can i do it on this? ooh wait i got it
[10/1/31 2:31:32 AM] mathew frantz: yeah
[10/1/31 2:31:37 AM] Andrew Cauthen:
[10/1/31 2:33:04 AM] mathew frantz: thats sick
[10/1/31 2:33:14 AM] mathew frantz: you pull that with your bike?
[10/1/31 2:33:23 AM] Andrew Cauthen: hahah! i wish
[10/1/31 2:33:30 AM] mathew frantz: is that your bike in the back
[10/1/31 2:33:36 AM] mathew frantz: of that picture
[10/1/31 2:33:45 AM] Andrew Cauthen: i got somebody from wisconsin staying there now.
[10/1/31 2:33:54 AM] Andrew Cauthen:
[10/1/31 2:34:15 AM] Andrew Cauthen: im out at betty's.. oh she died 6 days ago. it's kind of a relief.
[10/1/31 2:34:29 AM] Andrew Cauthen: so it's been way quiet and nice.
[10/1/31 2:35:08 AM] Andrew Cauthen: she'd been going through shit for a year and a half
[10/1/31 2:35:09 AM] Andrew Cauthen:
[10/1/31 2:35:14 AM] Andrew Cauthen: messed up the url
[10/1/31 2:35:56 AM] mathew frantz: word, we used something like this last time we were in chicago
[10/1/31 2:36:02 AM] mathew frantz: so you rent it out?
[10/1/31 2:36:08 AM] mathew frantz: sick!
[10/1/31 2:36:19 AM] Andrew Cauthen: no i made it
[10/1/31 2:36:20 AM] mathew frantz: how much?
[10/1/31 2:36:29 AM] mathew frantz: oh
[10/1/31 2:36:42 AM] mathew frantz: thought you said someone was staying in it
[10/1/31 2:36:50 AM] Andrew Cauthen: and i live there for free. my good friend owns the property and has a house there. that's the backyard.
[10/1/31 2:37:03 AM] mathew frantz: oh, word
[10/1/31 2:37:17 AM] Andrew Cauthen: yeah im staying in it from time to time.. but yeah i made it 99% by myself out of found scraps mostly
[10/1/31 2:37:21 AM] mathew frantz: glad bettys free now
[10/1/31 2:37:30 AM] Andrew Cauthen: and habitat for humanity "restore" salvaged materials
[10/1/31 2:37:33 AM] mathew frantz: thats tight bro
[10/1/31 2:37:41 AM] Andrew Cauthen: me too. she did too many drugs.
[10/1/31 2:37:48 AM] mathew frantz: damn.
[10/1/31 2:37:59 AM] Andrew Cauthen: she trusted the medical mafia and they murdered her. for real. that's how they roll
[10/1/31 2:38:07 AM] mathew frantz: for sure.
[10/1/31 2:38:22 AM] mathew frantz: i'm worried about my sister
[10/1/31 2:38:30 AM] mathew frantz: the chemo
[10/1/31 2:38:36 AM] Andrew Cauthen: heart failure and pnemonia from drugs, diet, and no activity. just what the "doctor" ordered
[10/1/31 2:38:47 AM] mathew frantz: fuck that
[10/1/31 2:38:48 AM] Andrew Cauthen: chemo fucks people up.
[10/1/31 2:38:54 AM] mathew frantz: hell yeah
[10/1/31 2:39:07 AM] Andrew Cauthen: destroys immune system.
[10/1/31 2:39:12 AM] mathew frantz: people are scared into using conventional medicine
[10/1/31 2:39:21 AM] mathew frantz: its wak
[10/1/31 2:39:24 AM] Andrew Cauthen: people who trust in the current death cult are dead. buy bye to them
[10/1/31 2:39:40 AM] mathew frantz: fo sho
[10/1/31 2:39:52 AM] Andrew Cauthen: the only thing that heals us is the universe. we have to surrender to it.
[10/1/31 2:40:03 AM] mathew frantz: for sure.
[10/1/31 2:40:19 AM] Andrew Cauthen: we have to allow it to do it thing. fasting is the quickest way to health. and its freegan.
[10/1/31 2:40:23 AM] Andrew Cauthen: everything awesome is freegan
[10/1/31 2:40:39 AM] mathew frantz: free.
[10/1/31 2:40:44 AM] mathew frantz: freegan
[10/1/31 2:40:46 AM] Andrew Cauthen: i termed it awesum, tonight. popped in my head. a sum of awe :)
[10/1/31 2:40:55 AM] Andrew Cauthen:
[10/1/31 2:40:55 AM] mathew frantz: nice!
[10/1/31 2:41:42 AM] Andrew Cauthen: ive been working on my telepathy with my mom. we're getting really good. it's the new cell phone.. totally freegan!
[10/1/31 2:42:11 AM] mathew frantz: im telling you..
[10/1/31 2:42:21 AM] mathew frantz: free!
[10/1/31 2:42:30 AM] mathew frantz: lets be free bro!
[10/1/31 2:42:32 AM] Andrew Cauthen: when we get more aware and response-able.. and live in the PRE-SENT. we get super-natural powers from planet awesum.. but it has to serve all
[10/1/31 2:43:00 AM] Andrew Cauthen: evolution of selfishness. everyone is my-self.
[10/1/31 2:43:15 AM] Andrew Cauthen: to give is to recieve, literally
[10/1/31 2:43:39 AM] mathew frantz: totally
[10/1/31 2:43:40 AM] Andrew Cauthen: on planet awesum, it doesn't take "time"
[10/1/31 2:43:49 AM] mathew frantz: i saw this a while ago.. amazing
[10/1/31 2:44:04 AM] Andrew Cauthen: spontaneous non linear awe-sum
[10/1/31 2:44:07 AM] mathew frantz: i can do this..
[10/1/31 2:44:14 AM] mathew frantz: not i but..
[10/1/31 2:44:19 AM] mathew frantz: we can do this
[10/1/31 2:44:25 AM] mathew frantz: .
[10/1/31 2:44:35 AM] mathew frantz: its all being.
[10/1/31 2:44:41 AM] mathew frantz: all
[10/1/31 2:45:44 AM] Andrew Cauthen: jesus said it. i am all that is.. or i am all that! haha
[10/1/31 2:46:24 AM] Andrew Cauthen: all being all. nice!
[10/1/31 2:46:25 AM] mathew frantz: i am, ... that, I am.
[10/1/31 2:46:34 AM] Andrew Cauthen: oooh
[10/1/31 2:47:23 AM] mathew frantz: I am, and so are you.
[10/1/31 2:47:34 AM] mathew frantz: we...
[10/1/31 2:47:36 AM] Andrew Cauthen: energy flows where attention goes. the new money. check this article
[10/1/31 2:47:47 AM] mathew frantz: are.
[10/1/31 2:48:01 AM] mathew frantz: we are what we pay attention to.
[10/1/31 2:48:09 AM] Andrew Cauthen: haaaa!
[10/1/31 2:48:18 AM] mathew frantz: word.
[10/1/31 2:48:27 AM] mathew frantz: apply that shit, it will blow your mind
[10/1/31 2:48:51 AM] mathew frantz: i am mind blown daily within my walk.
[10/1/31 2:49:06 AM] Andrew Cauthen: definately.. trying to do that more. i love being "out of my mind"
[10/1/31 2:49:16 AM] mathew frantz: each day i am amazed


stay secuded
[10/1/31 2:19:20 AM] mathew frantz: its true peace
[10/1/31 2:19:37 AM] Andrew Cauthen: im really enjoying it. i go out from time to time but im gathering awesum
[10/1/31 2:19:39 AM] mathew frantz: close your eyes and hear the sound of silene
[10/1/31 2:20:03 AM] mathew frantz: its the best sound.
[10/1/31 2:20:11 AM] mathew frantz: god resonating
[10/1/31 2:20:18 AM] Andrew Cauthen: yeah ive been ultra feeling it lately more. way powerful
[10/1/31 2:20:29 AM] mathew frantz: fosho
[10/1/31 2:20:44 AM] mathew frantz: its the full moon polarity
[10/1/31 2:20:45 AM] Andrew Cauthen: i've been moving it all over my body and pushing it out around the world filling up the atmosphere
[10/1/31 2:20:53 AM] Andrew Cauthen: biospher
[10/1/31 2:20:54 AM] Andrew Cauthen: e
[10/1/31 2:20:56 AM] mathew frantz: ellz yeah
[10/1/31 2:21:27 AM] mathew frantz: wize dome
[10/1/31 2:21:34 AM] Andrew Cauthen: hah!
[10/1/31 2:21:51 AM] mathew frantz: a wize dome upon yer ed
[10/1/31 2:21:56 AM] mathew frantz: !
[10/1/31 2:22:01 AM] Andrew Cauthen: i use the NOW "now opportunities waiting" all the time now :)
[10/1/31 2:22:25 AM] Andrew Cauthen: wize dome!
[10/1/31 2:22:40 AM] mathew frantz: Its actually NEW OPPORTUNITIES WAITING!!!
[10/1/31 2:23:01 AM] mathew frantz: every moment of now is a new opportunity waiting
[10/1/31 2:23:02 AM] Andrew Cauthen: oops.. that's what i meant tosay
[10/1/31 2:23:07 AM] mathew frantz: word
[10/1/31 2:23:16 AM] mathew frantz: i know you know

matt's sis has brain cancer and has been getting chemo

yo check this for ur sis
[10/1/31 3:06:00 AM] Andrew Cauthen: srlsy check it
[10/1/31 3:06:36 AM] mathew frantz: wow, this is awesome dude
[10/1/31 3:06:43 AM] mathew frantz: thanks for that link
[10/1/31 3:07:17 AM] Andrew Cauthen: ive been sending ur sis the awesum from time to time when she pops up
[10/1/31 3:07:47 AM] Andrew Cauthen: in my space time mind line
[10/1/31 3:07:55 AM] Andrew Cauthen: peace homie
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