[tpd090] 09.10.28 Abolish Money

This is an Ambient/ Drone Album

Planet Awesome! Giant Party Everything Is Free And Everyone's Invited!
Enjoy :)

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Internet Archive:
[tpd089] Take Pills Die - 09.02.01 2012 (mp3)

Video for Barbary

video for older track "Mass" (that hasn't been officially released yet) coming!

Sup Dudes

New Tracks in the works.
Representing "Planet Awesome"
Andrew Cauthen - Ambassador of Awesome
Coming to a mind theater near you in the hear now

"Mass" - Take Pills Die
This one's def from the outer most corners of ur "P.A." mind. Time Traveling. Space Time to Know Time. Enjoy! :)

[tpd089] 09.02.01 2012

i love you guys. thanks for coming. you are more amazing than u could ever guess.
soon everyone will be free.
Enjoy :)

01_Go Outside 4.5M
02_Singularity 6.5M
03_Chums 11M
04_BoomTrales 18M
05_ddd 5.4M
06_Cheeo 8.2M
07_Locater 14M
08_PUUN 14M
09_Digin 20M
10_Ginsin 11M
11_Miami 11M
12_Boyy 14M
13_Ant 6.4M
14_Nuith_Pt1 10M
15_Nuith_Pt2 9.1M
16_Nuith_Pt3 12M
17_Bunny 12M
18_ER 9.5M
19_Non 10M
20_Sometimes_Yellow_Comes_Out_Of_Blue 19M
21_Junkys 18M

Internet Archive:
[tpd089] Take Pills Die - 09.02.01 2012 (mp3)
[tpd089] 09.02.01 2012 (flac)

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