[tpd086] 07.12.25 Megadeaf


Some dance things along with other ambient type things. Mixed up and crazy as usual. I am not for sale ever and never will be! Quality of life for all, not just for the rich and insecure!

Enjoy! I love you all so much! :)

Give Everything Away For Free, The Wealthiest Way To Be!
Do what you love. Do nothing else.
There is nothing you have to do.
We don't die.
We are making it all up.
A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.
Go within or go without.

01_Maker 10.1M
02_Sometimes 3.7M
03_Undead 10.8M
04_Pumpkin 3.3M
05_Blue 7.8M
06_Geeter 3.2M
07_NOW_WHERE 15.2M
08_Mar_g 2.9M
09_Off_The_Grid 10.5M
10_I_Love_You_Guys 2.8M
11_Rock_It 6.6M
12_Pop_Ular_M 5.3M

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